Hello friends...

Welcome to That Sparkly Preacher's Wife!

Welcome to That Sparkly Preacher's Wife! I'm first and foremost a mixed up individual on a constant search for God's purpose in my life. I'm a 30ish SAHM to 3 beautiful fun loving boys. My life is filled with being a friend, mother, and wife to my Preacher Man hubby. I am constantly reminded daily when I look around how truly blessed I am to have these men in my life. They make me a better person and a better daughter to my Redeemer.

If you have found this blog or website, my hope is that it touches your daily walk in some way. I have been on this walk wearing many different hats. In this season that I am in now, I am focusing on being the best momma that I can be and being the best supporter of my partner in crime that I can be. I probably am not the typical preacher's wife but I think that can be a good thing! There are so many stereotypes associated with Christianity and I don't think we need to fit into any certain mold.


I hope to share with you moments of our lives to help you with your life and your walk. I often share tips and advice with my best girlfriends and I hope to do that with you too. I by no means have it all together and I don't pretend to but I do strive to have fun, let my kids know they are a priority, let my husband know that he makes my world go round, and help minister to others in my own sparkly way.  When we look around it is easy to think that other women have it all together. I ensure you that most don't-you only get to see the sparkles of their life. You don't get to see the glued matted up mess of everyday living.

Here's to YOU! Here's to US! Let's see what we can do on a daily basis to help our Soul Sisters out one sparkle at a time.